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版本 VERSION 1.0
____年出生于博伊顿海滩,现居北京、柏林和香港。她是一位时基艺术、都市实践及设计工作者,曾就读于____(休斯顿市)、____(纽约市)、____(阿纳姆市)和____(萨斯费村)。她是北京独立艺术空间____(2008-2013年)的创办人,近年她成为柏林____的特别研究生;2015年在为香港____活动中担任投稿者、编辑及协作艺术家。展览包括:____(柏林,2017年)、____(吉隆坡,2015年)、 ____(上海,2016年)。何颖雅平日好饮鸳鸯。

Elaine W. HO was born in Boynton Beach, currently lives and works between Beijing, Hong Kong and Berlin. She works between the realms of time‐based art, urban practice and design, graduating in 1999 from the Art & Art History department of ____ (Houston) before going on to study design at ____ (New York), ____ (Arnhem) and critical theory and communications at ____ (Saas-Fee). She is the founder of artist-run project space ____ in Beijing (2008-2013), and has more recently served as a fellow at ____ (Berlin, 2014) and editor/contributing artist for the three-day embodied knowledge ____ spontaneous book event (Hong Kong, 2015). Exhibitions include: ____ (Berlin, 2017), ____ (Kuala Lumpur, 2015) and ____ (Shanghai, 2016).

Elaine likes to drink coffee and tea mixed together and is a frequent contributor to a disjunctured stream of thought known as ____.

版本 VERSION 1.2
Elaine W. HO works between the realms of time‐based art, urban practice and design, using multiple vocabularies to explore the micropolitics, subjectivities and alter-possibilities of an intimate, networked production.

The act of describing takes on a number of forms——a kind of grammar, a documentation, a gesture, a biography——or an experiment in Beijing known as HomeShop. She is the initiator of the artist-run space, active from 2008-2013, and continues to ask questions about the sociopolitics of syntax, more recently as editor & collaborating artist for the three-day embodied knowledge HK FARMers’ Almanac spontaneous book event (2015) and co-conspirator with Display Distribute, a networked research platform investigating bottom-up organisation amidst global trade (2013-ongoing).

She likes to drink coffee and tea mixed together and is a frequent contributor at


她的创作不斷對社會政治體系的深層結構法則發出提問:2008年她发起"家作坊"項目,到2013年组织与进行在北京一條老胡同當中展开一个社区里的公开平台;近年她成為德國柏林空間實驗學院(Institut für Raumexperimente,2014年)特別研究生;2015年在為期三日將知識具體化的《香港農民曆》出版活動中擔任撰稿者、編輯及協作藝術家;及移動藝術-研究平台「展銷場」的共谋犯(2013年至今),研究自下而上的社會組織與「低端全球化」。何穎雅平日好飲鴛鴦。

Elaine W. Ho (HK/USA) arbeitet an der Schnittstelle von zeitbasierter Kunst, urbaner Praxis und Design. Ihr vielschichtiges Vokabular untersucht Möglichkeiten unterschiedlicher Mikropolitiken und Subjektivitäten einer intimen, vernetzten Produktion.

Den Akt des Beschreibens überträgt sie in vielfache Formen, — als Gesten, Dokumentationen oder Biographien. Diese finden sich wieder im Experiment HomeShop, ein von Künstlern organisierter Projektraum in Peking, den sie 2008 initiierte und der bis 2013 aktiv war. Fragen an den gesellschaftspolitischen Syntax lotet Elaine W. Ho in zahlreichen Kollaborationen aus. Darunter HK FARMers’ Almanac Buchevent mit Spring Workshop, Hong Kong (2015) und die nomadische Plattform Display Distribute (seit 2013), die Zwischenräume des globalen Handels und Bottom-Up Bewegungen erkundet.

Gerne trinkt sie Kaffee und Tee vermischt und veröffentlicht regelmäßig Beiträge auf

版本 VERSION 2.0 (致评选委员会 for the jury)


Elaine W. HO works between the realms of time‐based art, urban practice and design. With a background in Art and Art History from Rice University, praxis and utility led her to the field of fashion design (Parsons School of Design, 1999-2001; Academy of the Arts Arnhem, 2001-2004) which was subsequently unlearned and deconstructed via critical theory and communications at the European Graduate School (2007-2010). These extended forms of study led to HomeShop (Beijing, 2008-2013), the artist-run project space founded by Ho and collectively self-organised as a living and working experiment amidst the aporetic spaces of contemporary Chinese socialist capital. She continues to explore such questions through collaboration, writing, performance and time-based installation, most recently as a fellow at the Institute for Spatial Experiments (2015) and co-conspirator with Display Distribute (2015-ongoing).

Her work has been previously presented on a boat named Eleonore, docked along the Danube River (Linz, 2016), the Power Station of Art (Shanghai, 2016), Guangdong Times Museum (Guangzhou, 2015), Spring Workshop (Hong Kong, 2015), Neue Nationalgalerie (Berlin, 2014), Tate Modern (London, 2014) and on various street corners, among other places.

版本 VERSION 3.0
Elaine W. HO wanted to be a writer when she was growing up and was always encouraged and told she could do so until one fateful failure at the age of 18. A piece of suspectedly 'foreign' flavoured writing cast her into the ranks of an elementary level English course, crushing her dream and changing her path from that point forward. She continues to struggle with lessons in failure on a frequent basis, though the counter to that is that she can now continue to write from time to time, in the most free and unlearned way ever.

Elaine likes to drink coffee and tea mixed together and is a frequent contributor at

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